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The compliance tool for certification

We offer an innovative standard certification tool for efficient verification of compliance, including efficient audit execution, audit management and results documentation. 

Serving all certification stakeholders

Veridens creates order and secures your continued business, whether you’re running a small shop or a large and complex organisation, making self-audits, doing pre-certification work, or you are an accredited certification authority managing certificates. 

Achieving and maintaining compliance with the requirements laid out by standard owners, you can use pre-defined standards or create your own checklists, easing administration and letting you focus on developing your core business. 


Businesses and institutions


Standards, auditors and clients, including administration, reminders, planning, confidentiality and communication has to work together to achieve a smooth and efficient certification process. The Veridens certification tool supports all of these activities.


The toolkit provides role-dependent views between administrators, auditors and clients, and is always at hand – on-site as well as off-site, online as well as offline.  This ensures that the certification process is in a constant flow forward and that no parts stall or fall between chairs.

All in all, Veridens enables expedient certification, releasing time for growing the business while all parties stay happy.


In control

Being an auditor is a complex and important job which requires to stay in total control at all times. This involves complex planning and scheduling, understanding standards, handling changes, visiting clients at different locations, following up on non-conformities and more, all while ensuring that no communication is lost and that the case is kept in constant progress towards the client’s certification. 


Using the Veridens certification toolkit, you always have the total overview available, in your pocket or at your desk. You always know which clients to take care of and when, what actions are needed, and what the status of each case is, throughout the entire process. At the same time, any progress or need for input will automatically be visible to any relevant party, with no additional action necessary on your part.


Standard Owners


As a Standard Owner, you shoulder the big responsibility of providing updated standards to all parties relating to such standards, whether it is certifications entities, auditors or end-users seeking compliance and applying for certification.

Up to date

Misinterpreted or outdated standards is a general challenge in this area, but the Veridens toolkit is here to meet that challenge. Working as partners with the same interest to enable secure and expedient certification according to valid standards, we cooperate closely together with standard owners to ensure that all standards integrated in the toolkit are always up-to-date. At the same time we dilligently assist the user so that the standards are interpreted and used in the correct, intended way.


The Veridens toolkit controls and handles all aspects involved in a modern and digitalized certification process. Our goals is to provide an easy and intuitive, yet complete and secure platform for supporting expedient certification. 


Management and planning

Transparent planning and easy management of past, present and future certification cases.

Facility management

Integrated support for customer handling of complex facilities with different locations. 

Scheduling and notifications

Easy scheduling of future tasks, including configurable notifications to ensure no tasks are ever lost. 

User level

Case-level communication history

Keep track of each case with complete logs of all actions since the beginning and across staff changes and hand-offs.

End-customer login

Individual login for end-customers, enabling new applications, status overview, non-conformity handling and certificate visibility.

Efficient non-conformity handling

Smooth and efficient handling of non-conformities between auditor and end-customer, with notifications and real-time status.


Integration to existing software

The Veridens toolkit integrates to your existing CRM- or billing system, as well as other relevant platforms through well-defined APIs.

Platform independent for office/mobile

Running transparent on all common desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile platform, the Veridens toolkit is available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

Secure and fully cloud based

All data, as well as the Veridens certification engine itself, are hosted on secure servers with 24/7 availability for our customer’s convenience.

Get in touch

Please contact us and let us begin a dialogue on how to optimize your processes.

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