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Efficient tests and self audits 

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Veridens enables convenient and expedient compliance and certification processes, from self audits and pre-certification testing to complete  certification and audit management. Our service is accessible 24/7 in a secure cloud environment from anywhere in the world, through any standard fixed or mobile platform.

We help our clients control their certification needs, optimise resources and streamline business flow – and save money at the same time. Would you like us to help you with your compliance processes?


The Veridens Toolkit


In response to the high demands in a modern digital environment and the need to satisfy tough requirements for functionality as well as accessibility, Veridens delivers a complete certification toolkit.

The service works online as well as offline, on any standard platform, and accounts for the individual needs of each party involved in the certification process. 


To address the problem of communications and progress being linked to individual staff, the toolkit refers to cases rather than individuals. This ensures a lean process flow and eliminates the risk of losing cases or information due to staff changes, missing handovers or delayed input.

The system provides individual logins, ensuring complete transparency for any shared resources while securely separating sensitive data.


By securing management and planning of everything from auditor travel schemes to end-user communication and required input, the Veridens engine keeps track of each individual case and keeps the ship running full spead ahead on a safe and secure course.

Company information


Founded in 2006, Veridens has evolved to become a unique leading provider of modern, digital solutions for conformity and certification management.

Today, the company is highly specialized in this field. We focus only on providing the best solutions for enabling expedient certification processes for our clients, whether they are a leading accredited certification authority managing a large number of auditors and customers, or a one-person business with self-audit or pre-certification needs.


We maintain a close contact with standard owners to ensure up-to-date information and interpretation of relevant standards. Navigating safely in today’s complex IT-environment, our compliance toolkit is always capable of simple and efficient integration with our clients’ current IT-infrastructure.


We constantly grow our staff as well as our customer base. Our head office is situated in Karlskrona, Sweden, and we host an off-site development team in Bulgaria, as well as sales representation in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Client examples


Veridens AB

Campus Gräsvik 2
SE-371 75 Karlskrona

+46 455-341030